A New Normal

I woke up in a new and unusual place. The family I was staying with was very different from my own. I was surprised by how quiet it was. We had been in the United Kingdom for just under two weeks, and all we had been exposed to was cities. Cities busier and more bustling than I had ever seen coming from Alabama. Yet, here I was staying in the home of a wonderful family who lived “in the countryside.” They had opened their home to me and another student on this trip, and we were soaking up every minute of it! Read more

Close to Home

 We opened the book. The children had picked it out at the library, probably because of the vibrant colors and pictures on the front cover. They had come running up with it in the air saying, “Read it, please!” I conceded and sat on the floor. The book was shoved into my face, and the children huddled around me like they were looking at a precious gem! I opened to the first page, and their imaginations went wild. They were transported to another part of the world, in another time, and surrounded by different people. My heart was full as I reveled in their wonder and the way they clung to this new experience. Read more

For the Love of Culture!

I was thirteen years old, and my parents sat me down in the living room. They wanted to have a talk with me. Many things were going through my mind as to whether I was in trouble or if they were going to praise me for something I did. They started telling me how I had been recommended to go on a trip overseas and was accepted into a program for students that allows them to travel to countries all over the world. I was absolutely shocked! I never thought my parents would be able to afford for me to go. However, they were very open to me going as long as we could come up with the money. Thus started my love for other cultures! Read more