Change in Perspective

Slowly peering into the room, I dreaded what I had to do. Everything in my being was saying, “This is wrong!” I thought there is no way my body works like this. I had heard other travelers speak of this difference in this culture, but it did not hit me until that moment that I would have to partake in this particular aspect of this culture. I was set in my perspective. Read more

It’s a Wonderful Life!

I sat down in grass that felt more like a cushion with my blanket draped across it. The air was warm with a cool breeze caressing my face. I could close my eyes and feel the calm of the moment surround me. It engulfed my inner being with such force that I almost felt out of body. I breathed in a deep breath and soaked in the moment. Read more

Hello World!

I am a mom.

Right now, I am a mom of littles.

Yes, that means I do not sleep and haven’t for years. Yes, that means I deal with someone else’s poop or pee daily. Yes, some days I’m just in survival mode as everyone meltdowns.

But I love how the Internet can bring together us mothers—and parents in general—to inspire one another! We can laugh with each other about the craziness of life, and give each other courage as we all tackle life’s messiness. I very often refer to the other mothers I follow and glean from as my “mom-tribe.” Read more