Deciding where to Stay when Traveling

We were being led by close friends down what looked like an alley way. It was late afternoon, and we had made it to the big city we would be staying at for the next two weeks. Being from Alabama, the island of Java had more people in one city than I had seen my entire life living in the United States! (At least that is what it felt like!)

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I Value My Relationships

I showed up to a birthday party at a friend’s home. The invitation said the party would start at 3:00pm, and we figured the party would last about two hours. We get there at 3:00 with a cute present wrapped and my child excited and ready to play. We walk in and are greeted by the mom, and she tells us where to put the present and where to go to play. I ask if there is anything I can help with. The home is decorated, and snacks are put out. Read more

Can you Write that?

It was only my second year of college, but I never saw myself here! I had always wanted to go to Africa, but when I thought Africa, I thought The Lion King, not so much the Sahara Desert. I was on the edge of the desert; I mean we had even rode camels on sand dunes! The people were so inviting and had us into their homes. They even gave us their best hot teas.

Surreal cannot begin to describe it. I had only seen villages on television, and now I was sitting in a home made of dried mud in the heart of one! Read more

Preference in Self-Sufficiency

My husband and I were just doing some shopping and walking around the city. Since it was the middle of the hot season and being in the bustling city, we tried to go into each building. Looking at all of the clothes and trinkets were the bonus to getting out of the heat. My husband was holding our just under 2-year-old son, and I was holding our 10-month-old daughter. Read more

The Future is Bright

Americans love looking forward into the future. Things get better from here, and there is always room for improvement. In the future, we can build and grow, and those are very good things.

As we continue looking at aspects of American culture, it will actually get harder to understand just how we are different because these concepts are so ingrained into our worldview. Not only may they be hard to understand, but to think that other cultures do not think the way we do may even make us think they are wrong. I hope to challenge that gut reaction and take a look at the beauty in the differences. Read more