Math Dice Games


Downloadable Printable PDF – 8 Math Dice Games for ages 4 and up. Included in the download are 8 Math dice game rules and their play “boards,” and a fun Math color sheet.



Math may seem like something you do not want to practice, but add dice and turn it into a game and you may just be able to change minds! Math Dice Games are here!

These dice games are designed to be able to handle many different levels. The PDF comes with a math color sheet, 8 math games (rules and game play “boards”), as well as an information sheet. All you will need is a set of dice and writing utensil.

Our family plays board games and table top games all year, and the children love pulling out their personal dice sets even if it is for “school.” If you do a quick search or go into many bookstores, you can find dice sets for around $10 and it comes with 7 different dice. Let your child pick their dice, to make these games even more personal. Math Dice Games use all the different dice to play a variety of games. Also, many of the games can be adapted to the appropriate level of difficulty by simply choosing a different die to roll!

*Dice are not included in the purchase.*

Made For Everyone in Mind

As a mom who travels, homeschools, and sometimes even schools while traveling, I can tell you these games have been and continue to be a delight to my children as well as a great source of practice. Even if your child goes to school, these games are great sources of practice when school is out of session. My children started playing some of these games when they were as young as 4, and have continued to play them as their math competency grows. We simply adjust the dice to fit their levels.

The PDF is set up in a way that if you wanted to get them laminated, the games can be played over and over again using dry erase materials. Our family has both printed them to be used once, as well as have a copy of them all laminated in a spiral bound book form so they can go and play anytime. (And yes, they actually do want to just play them sometimes!)

For any questions on how to adapt the games for different levels, you can feel free to email us at

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