Activity Book – Flying


14 page activity book with a flying theme.


You and your family are boarding the airplane, but you are not worried one bit about your child and this flight. Of course, you thought ahead and brought an activity book. What’s better than a regular activity book? How about one that is themed around flying!

The Flying Activity Book is 14 pages of coloring and activities for any age. It was written for travel, and includes the Travel Rhythms Worksheet that can be found on Nurturing Wanderlust’s website. With the worksheet, you and your child can work together to have a plan for those longer travel times. Since it is meant to be printed in booklet form, their color sheets and activities will be together with their travel rhythm. However, this activity book can be for anytime!

Upon purchase you will receive a PDF zipped file that has the book in order ready to print. You will also receive the individual pages in case you would like to print them in another order or have just one at a time. Do not be afraid to print your favorite page over and over!

Designed with You in Mind

At Nurturing Wanderlust we have used these activity books and travel rhythm worksheet with our own children. We have taken them on long car trips and on long flights. We hope these products help you and make for more enjoyable travel for your children as well!

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