I love learning about culture so much, I decided to share my findings with you! My hope is that you will dive into new cultures as a family and explore more of what this world has that you may have never seen. As we learn culture our view of the world and the people in it expands. This expansion brings more understanding for not only them, but also your own culture!

Nurturing World Explorers

Each month Nurturing Wanderlust sends out a newsletter highlighting a country and culture in the world. The goal is for you to explore culture as a family and grow as you learn together. Even if you have heard of these countries there is always something new to learn and explore together, and you may just learn something new about yourself as well!

When you click above you will see an exclusive preview of a previous month’s newsletter. Each newsletter includes general and interesting facts about the country, links that lead to more information or videos to go deeper, free color sheets based on that country, family discussion questions, and more!

Currently featured is September 2019 – Malta.

Nurturing Culture Explorers

Nurturing Culture Explorers launched at the beginning of 2021 for Nurturing Wanderlust followers! It includes a monthly culture challenge for you and your family to do that will spark deep conversation and expand your worldview. This challenge can be done as a time of reflection or as discussion together.

This newsletter goes out once a month and will also help you stay informed with what is going on with Nurturing Wanderlust, including new posts, new products, and recommendations we have for you to further explore cultures around the world.

Our other newsletter specifically focuses on learning culture for a particular country, and this one will be focused on staying in the know with Nurturing Wanderlust as well as aiding your family in learning about other cultures together.

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