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Nurturing Wanderlust wants to provide ways for families to learn about other cultures together, and what better way to do that than a free resource for you to use! I made these with families in mind and promoting learning about the world around you together. Some of them will aid you in your travels, while others specifically focus on learning other cultures. Either way, I hope you will take them, use them, and share them!

The Travel Rhythms Worksheet is a PDF for you to personalize a travel rhythm for you to use that fits your family and mode of travel. These are discussed in the post titled 4 Ways to Make Car Rides Easier, where it was applied to traveling in a car. However, it is adaptable for how you would like to use it. I mentioned how you could even use it when flying here.

“My Travel Rhythms” is set up where you can write in the rhythm rotation you want as well as the duration of each part of the rotation. Most of my rotation examples given in the blog post mentioned above are 3 to 4 rotations. I recommend no more than four because it would begin to get complicated, and you want this to stay simple. I also included a section for “activity details” for you to be more specific if you want to have options for certain rotations. Finally, included is a “notes” section where you can write anything extra. This section could include snack options, restroom stop details, or anything that could affect the rhythm.

Each month Nurturing Wanderlust sends out a newsletter highlighting a country and culture in the world. The goal is for you to explore culture as a family and grow as you learn together. Even if you have heard of these countries there is always something new to learn and explore together, and you may just learn something new about yourself as well!

When you click above you will see an exclusive preview of a previous month’s newsletter. Each newsletter includes general and interesting facts about the country, links that lead to more information or videos to go deeper, free color sheets based on that country, family discussion questions, and more!

Currently featured is September 2019 – Malta.

Nurturing Wanderlust seeks to promote learning culture as a family. What better way to do that than through food?! Food is necessary for all peoples and all cultures, but that does not mean all food is the same.

This printable was made with exploration in mind. Not only can you look at food to view interesting information about another culture, but it may just give you some new information about your own culture. As you and your children fill out the PDF, you will be looking into what a particular food item means to you, how it is part of shaping who you are, then exploring how other parts of the world view that food item. My hope is that you, as a family, will learn more about humanity outside your door through food as well as maybe even learning something in your own home as well.

For more on learning culture at the grocery store, including a step by step process and further questions to ask, go to this blog post.

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