4 Ways to Make Flying with Kids Easier

Flying with Kids

We booked the flight. We were going to be in Indonesia for 2 months for my husband’s internship. After much conversation we decided to take both kids. They were 20 months and 9 months old. The travel from where we lived included 9 hour flight, one layover, and a 12 hour flight. I had flown long distances, but this was my husband’s first flight. To say we were nervous was an understatement!

Since then we have flown internationally without or without kids many times. We are much less scared. In fact, our children love flying and it has become a past time for them. I do realize this is not the same for children who do not usually fly, but we have learned some things that will help anyone. Here is our best advice for anyone flying with kids of any ages.

Family Flight Advice

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4 Ways to Make Road Trips Easier

Road Trips on the Horizon

As a family who travels extensively locally and internationally, we have had our fair share of long car rides. And I do not foresee that ending anytime soon. I remember hearing from parents, before I became a parent myself, that road trips were the worst. I saw on television that families dread being in a car together for too long. It really made me nervous the first several times we had long car rides.

Seeing that road trips were not going to end anytime soon, I made it my mission to find ways to enjoy them. Not only was I going to choose to be happy, but I also wanted to give my entire family a good experience. I wanted to take advantage of the precious time I would have with my children in close proximity. Over the years, road trips have continued to get easier for us, and I wanted to pass along some of the things we have done to come to enjoy them.

4 Useful Tips for Road Trips

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The Best Way to Make Travel Easier

Creating a Travel Rhythm

We looked at the map. We had plotted our car ride for the 6 hours it would take for us to get to the beach. My husband and I then thought how that seemed daunting with kids.

That first time it may have been daunting, but since then we have seen how it really isn’t as bad as it seems. Traveling with kids just takes planning. That planning may need to include adding a little extra to your travel time, but it is always manageable. I am going to give you something that has helped us so much and I hope it helps you also!

What is a Travel Rhythm?

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International Travel with Children

“Do we really need this?”

“Well, how much does it weigh? I guess if I am asking that question, we do not need it.”

“Did we want to check luggage this trip?”

“Did we check to see what ‘restroom’ is in the local language?”

The conversation for an international trip goes much different than a local trip! (For my post discussing local to you travel click here).

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Travel Words

“What do you mean some people make money through traveling the world?”

“Why do I feel so tired, and we just got here?”

“Why do I feel so weird in this culture?”

These are just some of the questions that have come up from learning more about travel. Over my trips all over the world, it has been beneficial to know words that either help describe what is happening to me or describe the people I meet.

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7 Types of Places to Stay When Traveling

Where you can stay has evolved thanks to the internet and people wanting more options when traveling. Honestly, people travel differently than they used to. It is more about simply visiting a place, but some have started to long to delve into the culture in their stay. If you have ever looked beyond a traditional hotel, the options now include igloos, tree houses, huts, and more! What I wanted to give you is a list of the general options for places to stay and the pros and cons for families.

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Deciding Where to Stay based on What you Want to Do

The city in the middle with villages surrounding. When I went to West Africa, my main goal was to learn how the locals lived and get a taste for what life was like for them.

The small home on the edge of the farm on the side of a mountain. When we went to Indonesia, our main goal during my husband’s internship was to be close enough to be able to see him while he worked and enjoy the beauty of the country.

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Deciding Where to Stay based on Price

We went to Disney World on our honeymoon. It truly was magical. We decided we wanted to go back on our five-year wedding anniversary.

Five years and three kids later, we went to Disney World. Yes, we were a little crazy, but we were so excited to take the kids! We knew it would be a completely different experience, AND IT WAS! We had a blast, but in a whole new way. Somehow taking children made it a different kind of magical. We definitely want to go back.

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Where You Stay Depends on Your Location

We walked into the only hotel in the city. I was thoroughly surprised at how “normal” the hotel seemed to me. The dusty dirt roads and mud brick buildings surrounding the hotel made me wonder what I would see when I went in. While traveling in West Africa, camel rides and markets were on the docket, but I was looking forward to meeting locals and seeing what life was like! I was in college, and my desire to wander was strong! Read more