About Me

Hello! I am Rachel and I am so excited you are interested in Nurturing Wanderlust!

Traveling is the biggest to-do on my list! Thankfully my husband was on the same page which is why we are seeking moving to a more international setting permanently.

When I am not thinking about traveling, most of my time goes to homeschooling my children. Otherwise, I enjoy sewing, reading, playing board games, or doing anything outdoors!

I would love to connect with you! Please see my contact page or leave a comment on my posts! I am part of a world-wide mom tribe, and we are not in this alone!

Place I would visit again: Indonesia

Top place I want to visit: Egypt


Born in Alabama, USA

Currently in Alabama, until we can decide on a more flexible home!


Always in my travel bag: a new book, notepad and writing utensil, and phone. Though my ipad may become more needed. ?

My soft spot: a good hot drink in the morning (I’m down for coffee or chai!)

Some of my favorite things: Lord of the Rings, a good mystery, and role playing with my kids. (Children have the best imaginations!)


Weird things you do not know about me:

I have a bachelor’s degree in Theoretical Mathematics. (I can’t wait to teach the kids high school math!)

I am a huge fan of the fine arts and hope to give that to my children.

I love to study and am a student at heart.

Though I was raised in the “South”, I do not like American football at all. I much prefer Soccer, or futbol!